CALMLY| What goes around comes around and then you realize…

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Potpourri of my Thoughts
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I am talking about anger, frustration and the likes. We all go through a lot of mess in our humdrum routine. Some know how to take it while the others get worked up too soon and vent it out on someone or the other. Usually the sink is a loved one who will take all of it easily. No matter how sensitive we are and how much we love this person, we end up venting out our heat on them. For me usually the sink is my mom. I put her through so much so often without even considering what all she has to go through every day. I forget to apologize most of the times but she never holds a grudge!

I might have too much workload on my plate for the day and mom would call up, ask questions about my well-being, out of the immense love she has for me. In turn, I would get irritated and shout back at her and hang up. How is she supposed to know what am I going through? Is that the price she has to pay for the over-bearing love for me? Few days back when I came back from work, she called up and I was so cold in my behavior towards her. At night while I was trying to put myself to sleep, it just randomly struck me – “It was her birthday today!” The extent of guilt I felt at that moment was inexplicable. I was dying to call her up and apologize but I had to wait until the next morning. I did not know what to say because that was not the first time I behaved that way. I feel awfully sorry and this trait being in my nature is no excuse, I know. Terrible person I am!

If you are also like me or worse, think about what I am saying. We are capable of holding our mess together without letting it affect our people. Give it a shot! If you do, you will thank me for this because I did implement this (when I got a dose of my own medicine).

You have every right to be angry, but not every right to be cruel.


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